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OutsideJam is a YouTube channel showcasing outsider music. Outsider music is music produced by musicians and bands who are outside of the record industry, unsigned, and usually unknown.

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Send us your funny, your entertaining, your musically outstanding, your touching, or your outright weird music. We don’t care if you recorded it at Sound City in L.A. or in the bathroom of your local bus station. We don’t care if you’re a serious musician pursuing a career or a hobbyist in it for only for your own amusement. But we are an outsider music show. We require that you are not signed to a label, your music is wholly original, you hold all rights to your recording, and give us permission to include it on our show. We’re excited to help showcase your music, and look forward to hearing from you!

Outsider music FTW!

Heads Up: We are currently accepting song submissions. The YouTube channel will launch when we've collected enough songs to produce a series of shows. Submit your song and stay tuned!

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The music is wholly an original composition and recording by the artist.
I have complete control and rights to this music.
I give permission for the song to appear on OutsideJam royalty free.
The artist is not signed or beholden to any record label.